11 Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip Through West Virginia

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Today, Jim Scott is the tchotchke holder and host and is joined by Eric Fargo, Tony Price, and Walt Palmer. We’ll take you on a tour through 11 places in West Virginia and things you can do on a road trip in this beautiful state.

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Wild, Beautiful West Virginia

We all hailed from the most Eastern part of West Virginia. It’s an odd-shaped State and we always make fun of it. A small tidbit, we are within 8 hours to half of the population of the US. It is an easy state to access and October is the most beautiful time to travel and visit West Virginia.

Beautiful Blossoms In West Virginia

11 Places To Visit In West Virginia

To start our road trip, from the Eastern side, we’ll head out to a route called Corridor H. You can drive for miles and see nothing, but it has the most beautiful sceneries. Here are some great places you’ll want to visit on your road trip through West Virginia:

1. Blackwater Falls: The most gorgeous waterfalls you can find. There are trails for hiking and as well as sled riding.

2. Dolly Sods: One of the prettiest plateau on the East Coast.

3. Seneca Rocks: A beautiful rock structure with jagged edges on the top. You can hike at the top of it, and at the foot of it, is a great place to fish.

4. Green Bank Observatory: The most renowned place for studying astronomy and celestials. They have huge satellites. There is no cellphone service in the area to keep out all distractions for these massive satellites..

5. SnowShoe Mountain: We believe it is one of the top ski resorts on the East Coast. They have waterparks, golfing, archery, festivals, among others.

West Virginia Back Road Surrounded By Fall Leaves

6. Cass Scenic Railroad Park: You can ride a steam-engine train that will take you up to the mountains.

7. The Greenbrier: It is a luxury resort in the middle of the mountains and is one of the leading resort in all of America. It’s been around since the 1800s. They have a casino, PGA golf courses, and restaurants.

8. New River Gorge Bridge: There’s a catwalk underneath that is two to three feet wide. They celebrate Bridge Day where all sorts of fun activities happen such as people being catapulted off the bridge.

9. The Bechtel Summit: They host the national Boy Scout jamboree each year. They have ziplining, archery, slopes for motorbike, among others.

10. Hatfield and McCoy Trails: There are over 700 miles of trail that are famous for motorbike, ATV, and horse riders.

11. Muriale’s: A great Italian restaurant In Fairmont

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