Trip to Tromso, Norway

This is Part 1 of a story share by Friend, Jim Scott. Find the other parts here.

Tromso, Norway- 200 mile above the Arctic Circle

Flight to Tromso, Norway

Our destination is Tromso, Noway.

Our goal was to see The Northern Lights.

Pretty simple tasks, so how do we get there?

I would say that most people have not heard of Tromso, I know I had not, and when I think of going 200 miles above the Arctic Circle, I am thinking frozen tundra and snow covered mountains, which depending on the time of year, is not wrong. However, late September in Tromso, which unlike many arctic communities, is influenced positively by the gulf stream, temperatures are very comfortable and the scenery incredible. But it still begs the question of how do we get there? Luckily, I have Friend Terry Hall to figure these things out. We were able to book an inexpensive flight through Iceland Air, which led us to a brief layover with a connection in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a nice, modern airport, and it was very easy to make our connection for another international flight. Flying through Reykjavik should never give you heartburn. From Iceland, it was on to Oslo for our final transfer to a plane bound for Tromso. Oslo was also a very nice airport, larger then Reykjavik, but still very manageable.

Find Part 2 here.


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