Day trip In London, England

This blog post was written and shared by Friend, Jim Scott.

What do you do when you seen all the traditional landmarks in London, but still want to sightsee? You go “Day Tripping”!

Terry Hall, Jim Read, and I (Jim Scott) decided to catch a river taxi up to the Canary Wharf area and work our way back downtown.

River Taxi up Canary Wharf showing the London Bridge

Our first stop after a short walk along the River Thames was a lunchtime stop at The Grapes. The Grapes is a pub nestled on Narrow Street with the river running by its back door. A pub since the late 1500’s, the current building dates from the 1720’s. One of its current owners is the actor Sir Ian McKellen and he houses the staff he used in Lord of the Rings behind the bar.

The Lord of the Rings staff housed at the Grapes bar in London where Sir Ian McKellen is part owner.

A number of famous English authors have also frequented The Grapes and referred to it in several of their works. Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Sir Conan Doyle, and Peter Akroyd. The pub has incredible atmosphere and was well worth the stop for a traditional English lunch.

The Grapes pub in London which was mentioned in works by Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, & Sir Conan Doyle.

After a short train ride back to the Tower area, we walked through the business district and St. Olave’s Church and a little pub called Windsor’s which we had to stop for a drink at, because that is the name of the bar we frequent in Pamplona during San Fermin. We then headed to our Street Art Tour through the east end of London. This is the same area that Jack the Ripper frequented in his heyday. Lots of great renderings were seen and though a brisk wind was blowing, it made for an enjoyable tour.

Street Art Tour in London showing Rat and Zombie Girl

Street Art Tour in London showing woman

The nice thing about traveling around the world is we meet a lot of great people. I reached out earlier in the week to some friends we met in Pamplona, Spain, who lived near London. Alan and Sarah were able to meet us after our tour and we had some drinks, and then ate Indian food, and had a fantastic evening.

Meeting friends from Pamplona, Spain in London for dinner

It is moments like this, that really brings our travels into perspective and make it all that much more satisfying. Seeing lots of great landmarks, learning new cultures, and meeting up with friends that we have made around the world…… Life Don’t Suck!!

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