The Home Of Country Roads In Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along the way and stories of our adventures!

An easy way to become an immediate Friend is for us to catch you singing or playing “Country Roads, Take Me Home”, no matter where you are in the world. And believe us, we’ve heard that song all around the world! For Episode 15, Tony Price is our host and tchotchke holder, and he’s joined this week alongside Eric Fargo, Brian Romine and Jim Scott.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia is the homestead for Friends That Carry On, and one of our favorite places to be and explore, it’s also always listed as one of the top places to visit in the country. Our tchotchke this episode is a magnet from Shepherdstown, WV, brought by Brian.

You can listen along here:

To start things off, we wanted to start off with some outdoor activities you can do in the area. West Virginia is known for it’s beautiful outdoors, as spoken about in the song, so we wanted to offer an insiders-take on some of the great places to visit. In addition to those places, there are also a numerous amount of trails that are available for hiking, including the Appalachian Trail that’s actually 2200 miles long, and goes all the way up the East Coast to the state of Maine. We also shared some other outdoor places to visit that aren’t necessarily in West Virginia, but they’re in the area and still easily accessible if you’re staying in Shepherdstown.

We wanted to also break down some of the history of West Virginia. To those living outside of the USA, it may be confusing to have a Virginia and then also a West Virginia; so we wanted to clear up some of that confusion, and give some of the history of West Virginia, and more specifically, Shepherdstown, WV. While America’s history may not be as deep as other countries around the world, we still think the history of Shepherdstown and West Virginia is still very rich and interesting. Even one of our very own Friends, part of FTCO, is tied to some of this history.

A stream flowing through Shepherdstown, West Virginia

We then continued on to talk more about Shepherdstown, specifically, since that’s where most of the Friends of Friends That Carry On live. We may be bias, since we live and really know the area, but we really appreciate the unique and diverse amount of options of places to eat and things to do in Shepherdstown. We highlighted some stand out places to eat and destinations, including the Contemporary American Theater Festival, an amazing event located in Shepherdstown.

Another trend that’s exploded not only in Shepherdstown, but across the nation, is the rise of craft beer and wine. Shepherdstown has had some breweries open up that we talk about, as well as some of the other beer and wine breweries and distilleries in surrounding areas like Maryland and Northern Virginia. We also highlighted some other different entertainment options in that area as well.

Different Things To Do and Places To Eat In Shepherdstown, West Virginia

You definitely won’t run out of things to do if you visited the Shepherdstown area. We wrapped up the podcast talking about the culture of Shepherdstown and how a lot of people actually commute to Washington, D.C. and live in West Virginia. No matter if you’re looking for activities that are outdoors, active, exciting, relaxing, chill, and everything in between, then you’d enjoy visiting Shepherdstown, West Virginia!

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