How To Use Tours On Trips To Your Advantage

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! This week we’re joined by Jim Scott, Tony Price, Walt Palmer, and Brian Romine, Jim once again being the tchotchke holder and host, and we’re discussing the best way to acquainted with new cities: tours.

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There’s a few different ways to get acquainted with new cities, but for the Friends, tours is definitely a top choice. In this episode, we discuss the benefits of finding and joining tours and how you can find different types of tours, including free walking tours.

Friends That Carry On (FTCO) is all about creating new friendships and memories as you experience new places. So one of the reasons we highly recommend tours is because you get the benefit of meeting new people and creating new friendships. It’s an easy way to meet new friends that are either based locally or elsewhere around the world. Jim also tells a funny story about hitting up local spots to experience a different side of culture. This is something the Friends do often, but this particular spot Jim found was quite an experience.

Street Art Tour Friend, Jim Scott took in East London

The guys wrap up the podcast episode with some more awesome stories from past trips and tours. Tony shares what happened when he, his wife, and fellow friend Eric Fargo get lost on their tour in Normandy, France and end up getting the tour of a lifetime. There’s also some other helpful tips including how you traveling could possibly help you lose weight (if you do it right!). There’s that and more in this weeks episode, so make sure you check out the whole thing!

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