Remembering Notre Dame Before The Fire In Paris, France

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along away and stories of our adventures!

For Episode 7, Tony Price is our host and tchotchke holder, and he’s joined this week alongside Jim Scott, Brian Romine, Eric Fargo, Shelly Price, Jim Read, and Walt Palmer. This podcast we’re going to step away from the normal tips and talk more about the Notre Dame, and our experiences visiting, as we remember this beautiful landmark after the tragic fire that occurred April 15th of this year.

You can listen along here:

We started of the episode with where each of us were and how we found out about the fires when they first started. Being a group of friends closely knit together through travel and experiencing beautiful landmarks together, we all remember the day it happened because it really left our hearts feeling heavy. We then continued into our first experiences with the Notre Dame and what about it impacted us the most. We discuss the architecture, the art, and the overall atmosphere and presence it carries with it.

Notre Dame in Paris, France, before fire

Then, those of us who knew some of the history, shared some of the history of the Notre Dame that we’ve learned over the years and some more of our experiences with the Notre Dame and the surrounding area. We also talked about what renovations they’ve done in the past and how it’ll impact renovations going forward and the differences that it will make. We discuss how the process of rebuilding such a historical landmark is such a process and may not even be possible! Also, how long could it take? We discuss a lot of our thoughts on this and what we think might happen, knowing the area and the history behind how the Notre Dame was originally built.

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral before the fires

We wrapped up the podcast with final thoughts from all of us and what we think overall. Of course, we always recommend getting out and traveling, but we’re hopeful for the future of the Notre Dame and we recommend taking advantage of traveling now, because who knows what may happen tomorrow. Carry on, friends!

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