Things To Do In Amsterdam

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along away and stories of our adventures!

For Episode 7, Eric Fargo is our host and tchotchke holder, and he’s joined this week alongside Jim Scott, Brian Romine, Tony Price, and Jim Read. This podcast we’re going to today we’re going to talk about things to do in Amsterdam, some favorite places to visit, and our past experiences visiting there.

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We started of the episode talking about the reputation Amsterdam has and how people often relate marijuana to a trip to Amsterdam. We also talked about what we know about Amsterdam and it’s relationship to legal marijuana and how it’s affected the culture there. We give some tips on things to look out for and how you can enjoy it if that’s your preference.

We then continued into some of our favorite things about Amsterdam, including the culture and the food, and how it’s a melting pot of different cultures to form a really unique experience. We also talk about how Amsterdam seems to be a hub or a layover destination for a lot of our trips over in Europe, and we’re assuming for a lot of others as well. Have you been to Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments!

Outside The Rijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We go on to talk about some of our favorite places to visit in Amsterdam and shared some stories from past trips. One of our favorite things about Amsterdam is the art and some of the museums we visited when we were there. We also talked about the cities layout and the different forms of transportation that you can find around the city, including the infamous Amsterdam bikes. We also share some of the history we know of some of the famous places and landmarks there as well.

Tours are always something we recommend when going to a new city and Amsterdam is definitely included in that. We went on a Heineken Tour that changed Heineken beer for us forever! We also talked about some other things to do in Amsterdam, including great restaurants and other parts of the city that may not seem safe, but are actually must-see areas in our minds.

Numerous Bikes in Amsterdam in the Netherlands

We then asked Brian, who hasn’t been to Amsterdam, if he had any questions that we might be able to answer so we can provide the best advice for first time visitors. A great question was about the best places to stay and we discussed some places we’ve stayed in the past and the convenience of there location. We wrapped up the podcast by asking our traveling-veteran, Jim Read, some of his favorite restaurants to eat when visiting Amsterdam. Overall, we highly recommend you visit the city of Amsterdam if you haven’t before, we think its worth it!

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