Fishing the Flats in Key West, Florida

This post was written by Friend, Jim Scott.

Captain Tony does a great job of navigating the channels of the flats, where the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean come together, to provide a great outdoor experience. We started our day at 7 am, just as the sun was rising, which made for some great visuals and set the stage for an awesome morning of fishing.

Captain Tony took us a good way out and after about a 20 -minute ride we began searching for our prey. We followed the birds as they will lead you to the bait. We began jigging and it was not long before I had a fish on the line, as I began to reel it in, a bigger fish hit the line…apparently it was a shark. They gave it a tussle for a bit, our line was not rigged for sharks, and he quickly bit through it. We say Lemon Sharks and Black Tip Sharks swimming around us as they were feeding on some of the bait fish. Captain Tony says they will range form 1 foot up to 8 feet.

Later on, my wife Teres had a similar experience and actually fought a Black Tip shark, bringing it to the surface, before it broke free. I was able to hook two trophy Jacks, which gave an incredible fight, one was around 8 lbs. and the larger one was closer to 11 lbs. My hands and forearms were a bit tired after reeling those two in. Later we went off a slight bank in a channel casting for barracuda. It was not long before one came racing up and took my lure and ran with it. You could hear my reel screaming as the big fish ran the other direction with it. It took a good while, and with a tiring fight, but was finally able to land the 15 lb. lunker.

Jim Scott with his 15 lb. lunker

This made for an incredible day, and as we headed back in, we were able to savor the views of the little islands that make up the flats and wish we had more time on the water.

If you want to get out on the water and do some fishing, you need to contact AWS Charters - . Captain Tony’s wife also runs a boat for family friendly adventures such as snorkeling, Eco Tours, Sunset Cruises, etc. Her website is Captain Allyson Felsher.


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