Meet the friends: Tony Price

Who ARE the friends of Friends That Carry On? Here we start a new series called: Meet The Friends, where we introduce one of original member of FTCO. You can find our Guest Interviews, as in special guests and featured travel bloggers, here.

Tony Price at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany


Quick summary about me:

Hey there! I’m Tony, and most of my days are spent raising three boys with my wife Shelly and working in my CPA/Consulting business with my partner Brian. I love the beach, but my favorite trips are those with lots of activities, exploring the sites, and enjoying great food.

Why I travel:

To meet new people, see new things, try new food and explore what this planet has to offer. Travelling really makes me appreciate life and inspires me to do more.

Things I love about travel:

I truly love meandering around a city, stopping at a local food/drink spot and enjoy something local to eat/drink while watching the ebb and flow of people going about their day. Of course, seeing some of the most infamous works of art, gorgeous architecture, and ancient cultures is amazing as well!

Pet Peeves when traveling:

Travelers who forget they are guests in someone else’s city! Embrace the local culture, appreciate the fact you’re not at your local Applebee’s and enjoy your time exploring how others live.

Favorite Place in the US:

Savannah, Key West or New Orleans? I really love all three with their wonderful vibe, delicious food, fabulous people…and usually great weather!

Favorite place outside the US:

Until another city captures my heart, my favorite destination is most definitely Paris. Though Dubrovnik, Croatia is also high on the list.

Best travel tip:

Go see the world…Visit every place you can and travel as often as possible. Exploring different cultures and destinations can be one of the most fulfilling and eye-opening things you can experience. There’s plenty of excuses not to go, just find a way to make it happen!

Favorite meal or food destination:

The Catalan meal hand picked by the chef in Barcelona was phenomenal, as was our unbelievable food tour in Prague and the wonderful spread at Botin’s in Madrid. But favorite overall food destination for me would have to be Paris. No matter where you go the food is usually impeccable!

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