Traveling To View THe Northern Lights In Tromso, Norway

Ride to Base Camp

Tromso had already won our hearts as we were pleasantly surprised at what a great town it was for a Northern European vacation, but now it was time for the featured event…. Seeing the Northern Lights. We booked a tour, and the van met us down by the harbor and was to drive us about 30 minutes outside of town. The had their camp located there to avoid the light pollution of the city and to make see the Northern Lights even more spectacular.

As we traveled to the camp, our guide pointed out the pastures that we passed and informed us that the native tribesman, aka, The Saami or Sami people are believed to be the first people in the world to begin in herding animals, in this case Reindeer. The Saami are native to Sweden, Norway, Finland and a small part of Russia, they are the only recognized indigenous people of the European Union. Reindeer herding is becoming diminished as pastures are being lost to development. When we arrived at the camp they had us go into a huge self -contained teepee, fresh with a small bar and a large campfire in the middle. Seating circled the campfire and our group of Northern Lights seekers sat down to learn more.

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