The beauty of San Sebastian’s land and seascapes is second to none, but the fact that this seaside town has some of the best food in the world makes it a must stop place if one is able.

Beach in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is in the Basque region of Spain and lies on the Bay of Biscay and borders France. San Sebastian boasts 3 of the 5 Michelin Three- star rated restaurants for all of Spain. Yet there are many other well rated restaurants around this gorgeous town. In our first visit to San Sebastian we stopped in a little tapas bar, that was absolutely incredible.

As we strolled in hungry from our ride into San Sebastian, and after a long walk around the city getting familiar with the town, we came across this little gem. We walked in, it is casual and anyone is welcomed. They had seat your self- seating and there was not a lot of room, but our group of seven had no problem finding seating together. They serve fresh beer, but the bar was lined with dozens of freshly made tapas that looked incredible. It seemed like it was buffet style, which to a degree it was, you went up and picked what you wanted to eat, but you paid for each item ala carte, cost was very reasonable. They did have a server who took our drink orders and kept our table clear of our tapas plates as we finished each delicious dish. Karrika Taberna is a good stop for a couple, a group of travelers like us or a family. A mural on the wall behind the bar showed the coastline of San Sebastian, coupled with the rest of the decor made for a very welcoming atmosphere. The google map link is above. Be sure to scroll through all the pictures of the delicious tapas they have prepared. If in the area, stop in, you will not be disappointed.


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