Things To Do In Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along the way and stories of our adventures!

In today's episode, we talk about a city that was a brief stop as part of a greater trip but ended up being a real highlight. As I'm sure you saw by now, it's: Prague! We discuss different things to do in the capital of the Czech Republic and some highlights of our last trip. Jim Scott is the host and tchotchke holder and is joined by Brian Romine, Walt Palmer, Tony Price, and guest Jim Wassel.

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On Jim Scott's 50th birthday, we went to Munich but had stopped in some cities along the way, including Prague white is the capital of the Czech Republic. Jim stayed in the same apartment where Mozart stayed at when he was in Prague in 1787. It was very cheap and we stayed there for five days.

Some tips before we start:

• Best to take out your money at an ATM, never do it at the airport.

• Don't freak out. Jump in and ask for help.

• Stay in the moment, remember that you're on vacation.

• Don't be afraid to explore tiny corners of the city where you can find amazing restaurants

Things to See in Prague

There was a square where people were executed back in the times. The old town hall has a high tower, which offers excellent views. Directly across from it is the Church of Our Lady before Týn which is very gothic and beautiful -definitely medieval architecture.

They went to take a Sandman tour. We also went to see Prague Orloj, the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world, which is still operating! It was built around 1410. Compared to the black-colored architecture around the square, this one was very colorful.

The Charles Bridge has over 16 arches and 13 statutes that lined it with various check figures. Walking that bridge is like walking in a museum. On the other side is Prague Castle, it was beautiful scenery.

Old Prague Town in the Czech Republic

There was also a wall dedicated to John Lennon. What happened was, after Lennon was shot, students would write graffiti on the wall with Beatles lyrics, particularly from the song "Imagine." The communists would get upset and white-wash it, but the students would put it back up again until the communist could no longer keep up. It became a wall of rebellion against the Communists. Today, there's a Beatles bar right next to it.

Prague Castle is the most fabulous castles we've seen. It towers over everything. There was also a museum up there and the President still lives there.

The tour brought us to a total of six different locations. It was a walking tour for over five hours. We stopped to do a wine tasting at this little wine bar. The tour also brought us to a fresh butcher that gave us small samples and gave us the freshest beers in one of these restaurants. Budweiser originated from the Czech Republic. The Budweiser we know is not allowed to be called Budweiser over there, so it’s called the American Budweiser.

Statue in Prague, Czech Republic

Food Experience

In the square, there are more commercial restaurants. But if you go down the blocks where the dishes and atmosphere are better. The food was more like German or Northern France. There was an Italian restaurant, a block away from the Hemmingway bar, and the food was so good. Overall, the food was fantastic.

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