Top 10 Places To Visit In Barcelona, Spain

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along the way and stories of our adventures!

Today, we're going to talk about The Friends trip to Barcelona, Spain we took a couple of years back and our thoughts and experiences of this beautiful city. Jim Scott is the host and tchotchke holder and is joined by Eric Fargo, Shelly Price, and Tony Price.

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Food, Architecture, The People – Everything Was Super Nice!

Barcelona is the 6th largest city in Europe. We definitely want to go back to this beautiful city, right on the Mediterranean. The architecture is unique and the way its city is laid out, which makes it easy to go around. The city is very pedestrian. There was a lot of shade that makes it comfortable to walk even if it's summer. McDonald's also serves beer there.

They are proud of their regions there and fly their regional flag. When you get to Barcelona, they fly Catalonia flags all over the place. They are proud people, somewhat similar to the United States. There was also a lot of good food there. Catalonia is not historically known for Tapas, but they’ve become very popular there. Shelly never had a risotto in her life like that one she had there.

The Friends got a 4th-floor balcony room that has an overlooking view of the Casa Milà. You could hear the jazz music they play every night, which is incredible and relaxing.

Friends’ Must-Do’s and Places to Visit in Barcelona

1. The Casa Milà is quite a fun house. There was a certain level of furnish and features that are unique and full of wonder. You definitely have to go.

2. Casa Batlló - This is supposedly a tribute to St. George, the Dragon Slayer. The rooftops were very big that looked like scales.

3. La Sagrada Familia - This is the most famous church in the world. It was incredible. It was open, airy, and a lot of stained glasses that it is a piece of art in entirety. It is still under construction, and they are aiming to finish it in 2026 for a celebration. That would be a great year to visit.

4. Las Ramblas - It is a very scenic and famous street in Barcelona. Along the way, you will find La Boqueria which is a tremendous and enormous market. Down in La Ramblas, you will find lots of pubs, restaurants, and eateries.

5. La Boqueria - If you're looking for any produce, wine, Tapas, or anything else - you can get everything you want in there.

6. Casa Pagès - The Friends stayed there for hours. The people were beautiful and were never in a rush to get us out. We even went back the next day for brunch, and the people there reserved us a table.

7. City beaches - Before '92, it was a very industrial port. Today, they cleaned it up and made it beautiful. You can go topless, surfing, swimming, and very friendly. You can also ride a cable car that you can have great views of the city.

8. Montserrat - You can find the black Madonna there. There are beautiful trails and views. We stopped for a little while and got wine and cheese.

9. Codorníu Winery is one of the biggest Cava producers in the world. Cava is a Spanish wine. They saw a wine cellar that has over a million bottles of Cava there.

10. Casa Museu Gaudí – A museum of the home of architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet.

Palm Trees At Park Guell In Barcelona, Spain

One of our tour guides introduced them to a chef that gave them a taste of real Catalonian food. He even gave them a taste of every dessert on the menu. Everything was amazing. On the other hand, be wary of pickpockets, which are prevalent there. Also, fun fact: this is the trip that started the Friends that Carry On!

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