Top Cities To Grab Drinks Around The World

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along the way and stories of our adventures!

This week, we have a few of the guys together to discuss some of the top cities to grab drinks from around the world! Whether you're looking for restaurants, bars, or vineyards, these guys have gathered a list of 15 top cities to visit and list some of the best places to grab some drinks! Episode 27's host and tchotchke holder is Jim Scott and he's joined alongside Brian Romine, Tony Price, and some drinks of their own! Grab a glass of wine or a beer and take a trip around the world with your favorite Friends.

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Here are 21 Places To Grab Drinks Around The World

1. Kira Thira Jazz Bar – Santorini, Greece: A little jazz bar in the middle of a hotspot. It had a very nice vibe and the bartender was cool and gregarious. At 3:30 AM, it was still open and the vibe still as good.

2. Ciel Bar- Athens, Greece: This rooftop bar oversees the Acropolis and other ruins. Seeing the Acropolis lit up at night was incredible. The scenery was amazing. But then again, you can never go wrong with any rooftop bar looking out at the Acropolis in Athens.

3. McSorley’s Old Ale House – New York City, New York, USA: The oldest continuously operated saloon in the city. It was a pretty cool place to be. It was a gathering hole for art and literature, and even Supreme Court controversies. When you order a beer, they give you two.

4. St. Paddy’s Day – Dublin, Ireland: If you go, you have to go and sit in Temple Bar District and visit Brazen Head or Palace Bar. These bars have been here for a long time. It’s incredible to think about how much history has been in one table.

5. Rural Pub Tour – Dublin, Ireland: This 8-hour tour will take you out to a pub crawl, about 6 to 7 bars, in the countryside. The countryside then was at its greenest, and you can see both ends of the rainbow.

6. Le Procope – Paris, France: It’s not a bar but a cool experience, nonetheless. We had some wine and dinner and ended up staying there for 4 hours. Sitting outside was great, but the interior was beautiful too. Even the restroom was worth some photos!

7. Bar Txoko – Pamplona, Spain: This is where experienced bull runners go to get Brandy Alexander, either with vanilla or chocolate after completing the day’s run in Pamplona.

8. Windsor Tavern- Pamplona, Spain: We’ve met many good friends here, mostly from England, Scotland, Ireland, etc. We’ve kept in touch with them throughout the years.

9. Volt Restaurant – Frederick, Maryland, USA: Brian Romine and his wife celebrated their anniversary a few years back and booked the chef’s table. They were right at the bar counter, eye-level with the chefs, watching everything being prepared. They watched all the delicate things they did, the creativity, and the flavors that go along with their drinks. It was a 15- course meal and they went all out with it.

10. Buza Bar – Dubrovnik, Croatia: A hole-in-a-wall bar. On the other side of the hole is a mind- blowing cliff. There were only tables and chairs, your beer and wine, and no running water. We sat there during the sunset and the views were spectacular.

11. Hemingway Bar – Prague, Czech Republic: Hemingway became a big part of the Friends’ travel and this Hemingway-themed bar was a great experience.

12. John Lennon Pub – Prague, Czech Republic: It was near the John Lennon Wall which is famous for graffiti while The Czech Republic was still under communist rule. Regardless if you’re a Beatle fan or not, it’s a cool place to hang out.

13. Cordoniu Vineyards – Barcelona, Spain: They are known for Cava, a Spanish champagne. Codorníu, the largest vineyard in Europe, is the oldest business in Spain and the 17th oldest in the world. They have been raising grapes and making wine for over 500 years. We enjoyed and highly recommend it.

14. Undertow – Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Hip, subterranean cocktail bar serving tiki-style drinks in space inspired by an old-world ship. It was unexpected. You can’t stay any longer than an hour and a half. Creative menu and cool cocktails.

15. OktoberfestMunich, Germany: Awesome experience. The first time, the Friends went to Spaten Tent. We had no reservation and didn’t know what to expect. Each tent does its own unique kind of food. Next thing you know, we were singing “Country Roads” and drinking beer along with a thousand people.

16. Windmill Pub – London, England: It was a homey English bar. Leather couches, dark wood, and books on the shelves, among others. It is a nice place to hang out.

17. The Grapes – London, England: You see a huge, crooked walking stick like it’s being showcased. At the back, we saw pictures of Sir Ian McKellen, the actor who played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, and turns out he is part-owner of the bar and the staff displayed was the one he used in the movie.. Famous English authors also went there such as Charles Dicken, Oscar Wilde, and Sir Conan Doyle. They even used it in a couple of their novels.

18. Shots and Giggles – Keywest, Florida, USA: The Friends could not forget the “Soup of the Day” menu special. A little bar where the locals hang out.

19. Xtra Cold Ice Bar – Amsterdam, Netherlands: A bar made out of ice. It was a cool experience. 20 Euros can easily get you 3 tickets to these features – 1 for upstairs drinks and 2 for the ice section which is around 15 degrees.

20. Bar El Toro Alegre – Madrid, Spain: The Friends enjoyed delicious martini’s here.

21. The Mecklenburg Inn – Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA: There’s a lot to love about this place: Garden setting at the back and live music- a carefully preserved historic place.

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