This is Part 2 of a story shared by Friend, Jim Scott. Find Part 1 here.

View of Tromso, Norway in Northern Europe

Turns out Tromso is one of the largest cities above the Arctic Circle and considered part of Northern Europe and up to 10 flights per day fly in from Oslo. All of our connections were made with ease and our trip above the arctic circle was met with no delays. Pretty exciting considering we had two connecting flights to catch to our destination. Tromso airport was a nice terminal, we quickly found our luggage and hailed a cab into the city. But first a tunnel like none our group of travelers had ever experienced.

Roundabouts, exit ramps, and a parking garage would all be witnessed before we saw daylight again. At first it seemed like any other tunnel that any of us had been through, but when we came upon a four way intersection, and then a roundabout , and then a couple of off ramps, we realized we were not in Kansas anymore. We finally came out in the middle of Tromso, and came to find out later that there was also a parking garage in there. The tunnel was built to ease traffic on the bridge to the mainland in 1994. Another objective was that it keeps a good bit of their major roadway underground and avoids having to plow the snow and keeps the roadway open year around. That is also a benefit of using the parking garage for the Tromso residents is not having to clean snow off of their cars. We are now in Tromso, time to explore this very Northern European City.

A Tunnel used for traffic in Tromso, Norway

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