Visiting A Bar In Tromso, Norway

This post was written by Friend, Jim Scott.

Our group split up and headed in several directions. Terry headed across the bridge to the mainland and the cathedral and got some amazing photographs of the beautiful land and seascapes. Teresa and I headed down to the wharf and eventually found the aquarium. We decided to go in because they had seals. It was not a large aquarium, but it was also not very crowded, in fact us and may be a half dozen people were there while we were there. This made it nice for visiting the seals. We were able to get real close on top, while they were playing out of the water, and then it was an easy trek down the stairs to watch them from underneath as they swam. If you are a seal lover, this experience would be one that you would definitely remember. We all continued to explore the various parts of the town that we were in, all getting a very good vibe and enjoying this little arctic gem that we had stumbled on. It was becoming mid to late afternoon and it was time for us all to rendezvous.

Lee and Eric had found a little bar and Terry was about to join them, so we got the coordinates and headed that way. We found the bar, it was small and quaint, and our buddies were the only patrons in the place. Next door was a hair salon, which had its own window on the inside of the bar to I guess order food?? Lol. After a beer or two, and thinking about where we might go next, a strange thing occurred. The bartender, who was young, and who had been quite friendly, said “Hey, I will be back in a few minutes” grabbed his skateboard and took off down the street. We were taken aback, and just looked at each other…. A whole bar to ourselves, the things we could do? I went to the door to check and see where he had went, and by then he was three blocks down the street and still kicking away as his skateboard took him along. Apparently in our old age we are too nice to take advantage of the situation that has been given us. We waited until he came back, 20-25 minutes later. And quickly settled our tab, with no free beers taken. A younger self, the one with the little devil on my shoulder, is wondering what just happened!

After a trip to The Polar Museum and dinner it would be time to go see the Northern Lights.

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