Visiting The NOrthern Lights In Tromso, Norway

This Is What We Came For!!

At this time of year it does not get dark in Tromso until after 10 pm. So as we sat around the campfire and learned interesting Arctic facts, and sipped tea, we were all anxious to finally see the Aurora Borealis. As darkness fell upon the fields that overlooked the nearby Fjord, we all gazed at the sky to see what wonders were about to be bestowed on us. Our guide told us to be patient, like anything in nature it is not on our time schedule. We saw some faint green specs, that we were told were the lights, but at this point we were a little crestfallen. The guide, after talking to other guides in different locations decided to herd us into the van and go in search of the lights. So off we went. We drove about 10 minute and stopped right beside the fjord and she had us all get out, we saw a few more lights but still not like the pictures we had seen online. She gathered us back up and we headed to the top of a mountain. It was getting colder and later into the evening and we were starting to lose hope. In fact a good many of the group had gotten back in the van to wait it out.

Then from outside the van you could hear a wrestling of the other light seekers. So we quickly got outside and the amazement began. Green and Red lights began filling the night sky, doing a private dance for us as we watched in wonderment. It was like a choreographed performance, you had the background lights doing their part as they filled the stage, and then the lead performer began the dance of the stars, swooping down and then back up in swift flowing motions. The performance continued for a solid hour, and though we were all chilled, it was well worth it as we got our money’s worth with a memory to last a lifetime. I am getting chills thinking about it. My words do not do it justice, so I will let the pictures paint the story, even they do not truly capture what we saw that night.  I have been to a lot of fantastic places around the world on vacation, but this Northern European destination will always rank near the top!

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