Visiting Tromso, Norway

This is Part 3 of a story shared by Friend, Jim Scott. Find the other parts here.

Tromso- Who Knew?

View from our hotel in Tromso, Norway

This trip was to celebrate my 50th birthday, and other stops on the trip included Prague, Octoberfest in Munich, and Amsterdam. With bigger name cities on the itinerary, I did not do a lot of research on Tromso. Terry had told me it was 200 miles above the Arctic Circle and that it was a good place to see The Northern Lights. Enough said, let’s go! Thus flying into Tromso from Oslo, I did not have any expectations of the city being anymore than an arctic fishing village, that would be chilly, with not much to do, other then to see The Northern Lights. But, boy was I wrong! Pleasantly so, I may add. The taxi drops off at our hotel and the view from behind our hotel was spectacular. It overlooked a large bay or lake (They call them Fjord’s) that nestled underneath a majestic mountain that was covered in beautiful red, orange, and yellow foliage. I have never been to Maine, but it reminded of pictures I have seen from Maine. Incredible!

Still water overlooking a Fjord in Tromso, Norway

After dropping our luggage off and freshening up, we gathered to take our initial walk around the town and get a feel for things. We walked down to the pier and the next thing we know a huge cruise liner pulls up. We are like “What the Heck???” where are we. Apparently, the Fjords are quite deep and make there way through some extensive waterways that eventually lead out to the seas. In fact, if we had been 30 days later (we were there in late September), the humpback whales migrate through these waters. We were told it is quite the sight to have these large mammals swim up next to small boats. I do want to come back and see this!

The Marina in Tromso, Norway

The marina was full of both large commercial boats and smaller private crafts, a very typical sea harbor. We visited the information office and found that there were several museums, an aquarium, numerous theatres and lots of restaurants to keep us busy. Tromso also has a very active nightlife with lots to do. We were tired from our travels, so we got a nice meal and a night cap and got some rest to head out the next day.

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