Visiting SouthEast Asia: 3 Days In Bangkok

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along the way and stories of our adventures!

This week, the Friends discuss their most recent trip to Southeast Asia. In a three-part mini-series, the Friends will cover each leg of their trip from Thailand, then Cambodia, and ending with Vietnam. For this episode, the Friends cover part 1 of their trip- 3 Days in Bangkok, Thailand. Tony Price is the host and tchotchke holder joined alongside Jim Scott, Walt Palmer, Eric Fargo, and Brian Romine. The tchotchke is a wonderful bottle of Mekhong, a Thailand spirit. Listen along as they take you on a trip through Bangkok, Thailand!

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This was Tony Price and Jim Scott’s first trip to Southeast Asia. It was the longest flight of their life. It took 16 hours just to get to Hongkong layover. We stayed at an Airbnb in a neighborhood with very small alleys. There were lots of street food, like Pad Thai you can eat for 50 cents.

The Backpackers Alley

Khao San Road is the popular backpackers' alley of Bangkok. Everything was so cheap. We had a 1-hour full body massage for $8. There was also a 30-minute back and shoulder massage for 30 minutes. I had my back cracked 3,500 times. It was crazy! I love the Drunken Noodles.

Touring Around Bangkok

We saw Wat Ratchanatdaram which has lots of gold and red. We visited next the Wat Pho, known for the famous “Temple of the Reclining Buddha”. The buddha was at least a 100-foot long. The Friends recommend the Chili Paste Tour. It was kind of like a museum park. There were different spots where you can meditate and lots of other statues.

Watching The Fireworks

The malls in Bangkok were all like the Mall of America. They have theaters, food courts, grocery stores, and supercar dealerships in these malls. We decided to have dinner and watch fireworks from there. Similar to Times Square, there was a huge stage, several popular performers in Southeast Asia, and 4,000 people.

Unlike in the United States where people would be watching from afar, these fireworks were directly over our heads with ashes falling straight to us.

New Year’s Eve in Khao San

We couldn’t catch a cab to Khao San so we walked two miles to get there, 15 yards in there, elbow-to-elbow. Further in, people were crying. We had to push through the crowd and there were carts, with their burning, hot coals, were also there with us pushing through. Terry got his arms burned and his shirt seared. We finally got into another alley and had a nightcap and we ordered a tower.

Foodie Section

Eric takes this week’s Foodie break and takes us back to his trip to Italy. He walked into this place where people were giving free pizzas. The pizza was so thin that they were serving it on cardboard. He had a piece.

He then ran into another restaurant where you can get meat, cheeses, and a bottle of wine for 10 Euros. Of course, Eric had to take it. The owner served him enough meat for three people. He also brought him sun-dried tomatoes that he had grown and picked himself. It was a wonderful meal experience.

Jim Ate a Scorpion

It was all black and the first impression was it was burnt or charred. It was crunchy at first and then like jerky. You had to chew it to get it down.

Friend, Tony Price, Enjoying A Drink And Coconut In Bangkok, Thailand

Sky Drinking in Bangkok

Jim and Tony got into a bar where the sun was just about to set and their table had the best view. They advise going there around 5 PM. You can find these bars on Google and Trip Advisor. First come, first serve.

For Eric, Bangkok has the best sky bars in the world. He enjoyed the city views. The Friends love the fact that the height of the buildings varied, not all 60 stories. It makes a beautiful skyline.

Wrapping up Bangkok

The night life is a plethora of food! Vendors are on the sidewalk so you will most probably walk on the streets. Just pay attention and no one will run you over, including trucks. The climate is warm, but it isn’t oppressive. The Metro is very modern and technological-advanced. Tickets are only a dollar and 50 cents so it is very inexpensive way to get around the city.

The people speak English and are very nice. They will help you out, especially in the Metro. Bangkok is a young, vibrant city that loves food. It’s a great place to visit.

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