Visiting Southeast Asia: Tips For Visiting Hanoi, Vietnam

Welcome back to the Friends That Carry On Podcast! We're a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we've picked up along the way and stories of our adventures!

In the past two weeks, we have talked about our trip to Bangkok, Thailand followed by Siem Reap, Cambodia. For this episode, the Friends are wrapping up this 3-part Podcast series and ending their Southeast Asia trip at Hanoi, Vietnam. Your host and tchotchke holder is Tony Price and joined alongside Jim Scott, Brian Romine, Walt Palmer, Eric Fargo, Jim Read, and Terry Hall. Our tchotchke is a traditional Vietnamese hat called a nón lá.

You can listen along here:

Arriving In Hanoi, Vietnam

While in Hanoi, the Friends stayed in a boutique hotel in an old section of the town. One of the funny things that happened is that Jim and Tony requested two beds and were given a lovely queen bed instead. Sometimes things are lost in translation, so you better roll with it.

Terry Hall and Jim Read had already been to Vietnam a couple times, so they decided to go to a place that sounds completely unknown to them and exotic. For them, Vietnamese people are their most favorite in the world. They are open, outgoing, and kind. They have no sense of irony. Time and time again, Vietnamese will remember them regardless of how many years had passed.

They learned about the French occupation and the American war. One of the best things about travel is getting a whole new perspective on life. It gives you more empathy. The Old Quarter was their favorite part of Hanoi.

The Friends love the Bánh mì sandwich. They also have egg coffee. They take egg white, condensed milk, a fourth of coffee, and whip it up. It’s very rich, thick, and Friends like it.

Snake Village

One of the Friends went to Lệ Mật, also known as the Snake Village. They have several restaurants specializing in cobra food. If you ordered cobra blood wine, a waiter would bring a live cobra, kill it on the spot, drain its blood to a shot glass of rice wine, and top it off with a still-beating heart. It’s only 10-15 minutes outside of the city and costs about 1-2 and a half million dong or 50 dollars.

The Beer Corner

The Old Quarter has amassed various streets since the 10th century. Sometimes a street will sell one thing or become a guild of a particular group such as an iron-workers’ street. Inevitably, someone came up with the idea of setting up kindergarten chairs by the street to sell beer for .25 cents beginning at 6 pm every day. Then somebody else right across the street will do the same until there are 6 other stores with the same business.

The beer was very fresh and tasty. There was a game where they’d shout “four” every time a scooter passes by with 4 people in it. Sometimes there’d be a unicorn scooter that has 5 people in it. The Friends will definitely be going back to Hanoi. They enjoyed being there and will probably take more day trips outside the people.

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