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We’re a group of friends that like to travel the world together. We want to share our passion for travel through travel tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way and stories of our adventures! Over the past few weeks, we have talked with Beau Ouimette the Aquachigger, and our travels to Southeast Asia. For this episode, John Hemingway joined the Friends, Jim Scott, Tony Price, Eric Fargo, and Brian Romine via Skype.

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John and the Friends

The Friends first met John in 2013 in Pamplona, Spain for the running of the Bulls. In this episode, they discuss an experience at the fiesta around the running of the bulls in 2013 and 2014. This included a vodka party hosted by the International Butter Club. He bases his new bookBacchanalia: Pamplona Story around the people and time spent there. John then explains that he may not be able to attend this year due to Coronavirus restrictions. John worked on the book for a year doing three different revisions, and it is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book. He is currently working on what could become two additional books.

One of Johns's favorite places to visit is Havana, Cuba for its lawlessness, architecture and culture. He talks about what Italy and China are going through with air pollution and their elderly populations with COVID-19, and about bike races in Bergamo, Italy where San Pellegrino water comes from. They also talk about understanding various Italian dialects and go over some examples of phrases that John knows.

Who is John Hemingway?

John went to college at UCLA at the suggestion of his father. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida until he was 17. John and Eric talk about living in Florida and visiting Bimini (Bahamas) by plane and dealing with salt water and salty air. He briefly talks about fishing and drinking with his father and Norman Mailer. John then talks about Papa’s Pilar Rum and the distillery / Hemingway Museum located in Key West, Florida. He then talks about his favorite bars around Key West.

John’s Works, and The Legend of Ernest Hemingway

John begins by reading a short passage from a potential novel he is working on that is based in a characters’ memory of Italy and deciding to relocate there. He then goes over another book he wrote called “Strange Tribe”. John recounts being under intense pressure to live up to the legacy of Ernest Hemingway, his grandfather. He also discusses the unconventional dynamic between his father and his grandfather.

John then reads an excerpt from the book “The Garden of Eden” and goes into the psyche of his father and grandfather and their states of mind at various points and how they used it in their writing. To conclude, they wrap up with some more discussions about COVID-19 and travel cancellations, and John describes a loose plot outline for another short story he is working on.

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